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      Gears 5

      1% of Gears of War net income will be donated to suicide prevention

      The multi-year commitment starts with Crisis Text Line.

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      Every now and then, we get to not only have fun while playing video games, but also do something great. The Coalition now gives us that opportunity as they have now announced that 1% of all Gears of War net income will be donated to organisations working with suicide prevention in a program called Never Fight Alone.

      It is not a one time thing either, and is explained to be a "multi-year commitment", and the first confirmed partner is Crisis Text Line, which is a "mental health support and crisis intervention in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland". The studio head Mike Crump explains this effort:

      "Themes of loss, grief, trauma, and even suicide have featured heavily in our games. We build connection when we process hard things together, and the beating heart of Gears of War has always been about belonging and connection. Our Never Fight Alone initiative allows us to not just talk about what it means to be there for each other but put our words into everyday action."

      Considering how big of a franchise Gears of War is with lots of sales of games, DLC and skins, this donation will hopefully lead to a lot of resources to this cause. We applaud initiatives like this and hope we will se more of this in the future.

      Gears 5

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