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Rainbow Six: Siege

$1 million USD has been raised in extra Siege prize funding

This will be distributed across Rainbow Six: Siege esports to help the scene grow, from Pro League to the Minors.

During the Six Invitational tournament for Rainbow Six: Siege back in February, the prize pool had reached the maximum amount of $2 million USD, and now Ubisoft has revealed that additional prize funding distributed over other esports programs has hit the mark of $1,069,000.

The $2 million prize pool was achieved using a base contribution of $500,000, as well as 9% of revenue from Pro League items and 30% of net revenue from the Road to the Six Invitational, and the additional proceeds will be used to help Siege grow as an esport, including the following prize pools:

Challenger League: $73,500 per season
Pro League: $626,000 per season (playoffs included)
Minors: $75,000 per event
Major: $500,000 total

How far can Siege grow as an esport?

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