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User review

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

Written by: junior-bean   2009-09-18

Now that I am a golfer myself, I had to test the wii version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 and see if feels like real golf.

"Now on the tee the next golfer." I am presented on the first tee (without being called by any name) and Im ready to tame the challenges I wil face on the golfcourse. sand and water here and there, will scare most golfers, but with a wiicontroller in my hand, Im invincible. As I make my natural golfswing with the controller, I watch the golfball fly well over 330 yards. Its cool to see the golfball bore through the wind. You can hear spectators shouting and clapping here and there, allthough none is visible.

The game requires no experience in golf. It's easy and simple. This makes it playable for all. However, the game is completely unrealistic. Besides this, I miss the many spectators and the varying weather systems, witsh the ps3 version had.

The game itself, has no story to follow. You create your own golfer and send him on the tour, where you one tournament after another. After a tournament is completet you can follow your progress in statistics and ranking lists. Besides tournaments you also have the possibility to dominate in the "Tiger Challenge" which is the traditional " match play" mode, where you have to win over golfer to move on to the next. Finally, there is a final duel against Tiger Woods.

This year you have your own coach, "Hank" which helps you with your game, and give you tips. Additionally you can also "tune" your golf swing. That means you can change the golfball's flight, or just make somechanges in your golfswing.

The game itself is great compared to the graphics the wii can offer. The courses are well designed and sometimes you do feel like your there.

The Wii edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 did not give me a feeling of real golf, but I was still well entertained with the many courses to choose from and the new "party mode" where you can play mini games against each other. Here you can play with friends up to 2-4 players, each with your own Wii controller.

Overall, golf on the wii, is easy, simple and just pure joy for those who love and enjoy golf.

Graphics: 9
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 8
Durability: 9

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Average score:8/10
  • System:
    PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii
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  • Release date:
    28 August 2008
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