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User review

Final Fantasy XIII

Written by: Linne11   2010-03-27

I can explain this game with just one singel word, masterpiece!

After I saw the trailer and gameplay of this game I had to go buy it right away, and already after around an hour gametime I couldnt stop playing. I loved everything in this game. The music is amazing, the gameplay is incredible and the story is truly perfect. I would have bought this only because of the movies, the gameplay is just a bonus for me.

I dont really get why some people are complaining. The upgrade system and the gameplay tactics is a little bit difficult to understand. But when you get it, you wont find anything wrong in this game.

The characters is funny, sexy, cool and badasses all of them. I never liked to have a female as a main character, but I just fell in love with Lightning instantly.

+ The story is truly perfect.
+ The gameplay is incredible.
+ The music is incredible.
+ The characters are awesome.
+ The movies are breathtaking.

- The upgrade system is complicated.
- The gameplay tactics are a bit difficult.

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  • Written by: PopeAndy
    2010-04-23 07:30
    "For the majority of the game you run in a straight line as you face a conveyor belt of enemies." - From an online review of Final Fantasy XIII

    I just wanted to share the quote as it made me laugh hard.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the game I know the series carries quite a following. I hope I get to try FFXIII one day and see for myself.
  • Written by: ipere30
    2010-05-10 01:46
  • Written by: Attorney
    2010-06-02 19:34
    You should really try to write a bit more, and maybe for a longer time. Dont press Enter that much, you don┤t need to do that. Try to have as a goal to write at least a full A4-paper.
  • Written by: JeppeJeppeDK
    2012-04-24 14:56
    The characters is funny, sexy, cool and badasses all of them.

    Some are just annoying.... Hope...
My score:10/10
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