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Grid: Autosport

PC / PS3 / Xbox 360

"This could have been so much more, offering something fresh to core fans while summarising the best of the past. As it is, this feels nothing more than a stopgap."

Text: Morten Bækkelund

EA Sports UFC

PS4 / Xbox One

"In the end, this is a pale copy of UFC Undisputed 2010, and lacks the fine polish, personality and balanced game modes of that title."

Text: Petter Hegevall

Tropico 5

Linux / Mac / PC / PS4 / Xbox 360

El Presidente returns to rule his loyal subjects, but there is plenty of new stuff to take in with the latest entry in the Tropico franchise.

Text: Tobias Garsten

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

"As it is with the best stealth games, being discovered leads to panic-stricken improvisation, which, when it works, leads to glorious satisfaction."

Text: Mike Holmes

Wolfenstein: The New Order

PC / PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One

"Machine Games hasn't crafted the perfect shooter, but they've given it a good go and the results are solid, decent even."

Text: Mike Holmes


PC / PS4

"It's beautiful, memorable, highly replayable, deep, stellar from a sound perspective, but ultimately falls just short of the high bar set by Bastion."

Text: Bengt Lemne

Full Bore


"It brings back memories of old Disney platform games like Aladdin and The Lion King, which is a big, big compliment."

Text: Rasmus Lund-Hansen

Mario Kart 8

Wii U

"The franchise has been around two decades now, yet there's enough fresh ideas bolted onto the veteran frame that MK8 does its best to be all things to all people; newcomers as well as older fans."

Text: Christian Gaca

Super Time Force

XBLA / Xbox 360 / Xbox One

"Super Time Force is one of the great exclusive titles heading to Microsoft's consoles this year."

Text: Ingo Delinger

Record Run

Android / iOS

"The studio that gave us Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Just Dance have now given us one of the worst music games of all time."

Text: Oskar Nyström



"Despite the cool Gods at war theme, balancing issues and clumsy matchmaking present too much of a hindrance for us to truly enjoy this MOBA title."

Text: Johannes Leander

Bound by Flame

PC / PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360

"In the end, and surprisingly after those first few hours, Spiders manages to deliver a compelling story; enough to raise our verdict a couple of notches from our original impression."

Text: Martin Eiser

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

PS3 / Xbox 360

"It's a sidestep rather than a progressive move forward, tweaked yet comparable to FIFA 14, and ultimately more of the same."

Text: Mike Holmes

Hitman GO


Agent 47 is given the board game treatment on iOS.

Text: Lee West


PC / PS4

"You'll have to make the call whether the imperfect result of an interesting idea is worth the money."

Text: Stefan Briesenick

Child of Light


It's Final Fantasy meets Dr. Seuss as Ubisoft delivers one of the best titles of 2014 with the dream-like Child of Light.

Text: Bengt Lemne

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Nintendo 3DS

"Despite his lower tier standing in the pantheon of Nintendo characters, Kirby's still keeping up with the moustached plumbers and tie-wearing simians out there."

Text: Thomas Blichfeldt

War of the Vikings

Mac / PC

"It's still an utterly punishing game, and while it is certainly easier to pick up, it's still very tricky to master."

Text: Mike Holmes

Trials Fusion

PC / PS4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One

"The bike balancing is still perfect, tracks the right side of tricky, the worlds rich in detail. And we'll go against popular consensus - the music's brilliant."

Text: Gillen McAllister

Infested Planet

Mac / PC

"Infested Planet is relentless pressure, it's turning the tide, it's holding off until you've got that all important foothold, then it's about mercilessly destroying your enemy."

Text: Mike Holmes

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