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Sega brings us the official games of the games. Have they managed to capture the olympic spirit in this one?

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If you're anything like us the Olympics is more about sitting down in a couch being glued to the TV set and eating crisps than about actual physical endeavours. And as luck would have it Sega have us catered to with a game that requires more brain and quick fingers than bulging muscles and athletic prowess.

And if you're not completely allergic to physical exercise, you can partake in 13 party games designed for Kinect and Move with up to three friends, covering events like the javelin throw, cycling, and the 100 metre sprint. In most cases the Kinect events come across as well crafted and natural. When sprinting you move your legs and arms to run, the only difference here is that you run on the spot.

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The same principle is true of hurdles, with the addition of jumping to clear the hurdles - something that will quickly exhaust you. You also have to find a sweet spot when you run in order not to run out of stamina. Great events that you'll want to return to.

London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic GamesLondon 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games

Unfortunately there are also events that are more frustrating than they are entertaining as your movements aren't registered correctly. This is true for beach volleyball. As the barely dressed athletes stare at their feet when they're meant to strike the ball with their arms it makes our blood boil - and the same goes for rowing where we can wave our arms like humming birds flap their wings without moving an inch on the water.

When you run out of breath it's a good time to dive into the campaign - that's completely devoid of motion controls.

The idea is that you guide a nation through the Olympic Games. You pick a nation out of 36 available, and you can then adjust their squad to include the events you fancy partaking in to a limited extent. You can tailor the looks of the athletes to some extent, a dozen or so stereotypes per event, and you can name the characters. The game hasn't licensed all the actual athletes for obvious reasons (it would cost a fortune), but you should feel free to name whatever you want. Want to go with the actual Olympic squad or perhaps a selection of cheaters from past years - or maybe something more exotic.

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