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Game of Thrones

You can't write a Game of Throne review without mentioning the HBO series. Do that, and you also need to mention the original novels by George RR Martin.

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And it's also because the connection to the best-selling book series and critically-acclaimed television show with nods to the world, characters and events is the only good thing about the game.

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It's baked in the same tray as a BioWare title: action RPG gameplay, elaborate (read: excessive) story. It revolves around Night's Watch veteran Westford, and returning priest Alester Sarwyck. The two pulled into the same mystery, with the game switching between the two before they come together. An efficient system, but unfortunately the plot is poor and the game too focused on dialogue.

Game of Thrones

These huge chunks of talking grind down your thumb. Sure, you get to interact and influence the babble by selecting different answers, but it doesn't make the stilted, wooden and pretentious script any better. Gameplay segments feel incidental to yet another long-winded
dialogue, and it is not helped by voice actors only some of whom can be classified as operational.

Comes the swing of swords and eruption of blood, things being promisingly, with a generous variation of attack and defence choices which grow as you progress, and you can slow time down to dole out orders to your character and his companions.

The problem is whatever you choose, a win's guaranteed. Selecting the same attack over and over does the job, draining any motivation to try something new. In combination with the same enemy types, you get something that's not very fun to play.

Game of Thrones

There's further variation in taking over your canine companion, a fine idea that falls flat come play. These stealth sections as you sneak up on enemies lack the subtlety and controls you'd expect as a mechanic, and the eventual attack is mostly a pointless button-bashing mini-game.

Scant on side missions and exploration; those other elements that make RPGs so attractive. Music from the TV show and actors make their presence known, but there's little of that G.O.T atmosphere. Outdated visuals are a problem: with a big budget TV show visualising Westros so magnificently, the game version can't help but appear dull in comparison.

It's difficult to find any real reason to play Game of Thrones. Although an easy recommendation to fans of the series, we'd imagine even they would tire quickly of this tie-in. Shame then, because the world of Game of Thrones - mature story, adult themes, grand scope - has all the hallmarks of a grand RPG in the making. This sadly doesn't capitalise on that potential.

04 Gamereactor UK
4 / 10
+ Many nods for the fans
- Repetitive combat system, - boring graphics - lengthy cutscenes, - bad voice actors, - tedious tasks
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