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Sergeant James Heller stands on top of the Empire State Building and looks out over the orange horizon of the red zone.

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It's quiet up here and you can take a moment to enjoy the impressive scenery.When you run up Empire State Building the concept of vertical gameplay gains a new dimension. Up here you can rest and imagine the kind of horrors that are constantly taking place down below.

Prototype 2 tells the story of one James Heller, a soldier whose family was lost in the first outbreak, and his need for revenge. His rage flows side by side with the virus in his veins. He was infected by Alex Mercer and blames Mercer for the death of his family. It's a simple yet effective story catalyst, where you play as a man driven by hatred and with nothing left to lose.

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That's why we find ourselves in an open-world New York that has been divided into three zones. The Green Zone is under Blackwatch control, oppressed but fairly civilised. The Yellow Zone is the quarantined zone with refugees coming in and with Gentek conducting experiments on the population. Finally the Red Zone is a full on war zones with Infected and Blackwatch mercenaries battling it out in the streets. We constantly thrown between the groups as more and more of the ugly truth is uncovered, and we spare no one. Almost.

James Heller can consume every character in the game and inhabit their bodies and use their abilities. He also gets hold of their memories, and thanks to this he can infiltrate Gentek and Blackwatch with ease. Even if the game offers us this convenient way of using cunning and stealth to reach our objective, it quickly becomes appear that the nature of this game is something entirely different, and brute force will serve you just as well if not better in most circumstances.

Prototype 2

As the casualties mount the mutated Heller grows more powerful. He discovers new uses for his body and levels up in five skill areas. The progression of your character is well crafted, and the pacing is excellent throughout. You can skip some of the side missions if you want a quicker progression through the story. And even on normal difficulty the final showdown is a real test, fortunately the game is generous with save points.

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