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The former professional baseball pitcher McAllister is having his dreams haunted by his decision to retire due to shoulder problems.

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In his sleep he is whisked away to a sinister amusement park spawned in hell. His nightmare is told through comic book panels. A cow gifts him - you, through Kinect - a special bionic arm, capable of delivering dangerous throws, or Diabolical pitches. With his weapon comes an infinite supply of ammo in the shape of balls.

McAllister targets evil mascots and bonus items with his pitches and after a handful of hits his Diabolical pitch is charged up. You're tasked with taking a specific pose and a powerful attack is triggered. Reach out with both arms and for a short time you can send fast balls towards the mascots. Before each stage we get to decide which special attack you equip, and in total there are six attacks, that you unlock through collecting baseball cards.

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At specific points in the level you can hit up slot machines for a bit of variation, only three-way combinations grants you prizes, and it's not just a gimmick. You can save these winnings on to one of your 64 cards, not only to unlocks special attacks, but also various other bonuses. These can be improvements to your combos, or influence your attempts with the slot machines. You can even increase your endurance.

Diabolical Pitch

Unlike a lot of motion controlled games, hectic or random movement is not rewarded in Diabolical Pitch as you will soon run out of stamina. When this happens you are incapacitated for a short period of time before you're ready to throw the ball once again. If the enemy is getting very close you can kick them away as a last resort.

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