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Shoot Many Robots

Walter Tugnut is a hero among anti-heroes

He's filled his motor home beyond all reasonable proportions with armaments, ammunition and other things. Readying for robot invasion. When the day comes he'll leap into action armed with two guns and, oddly, a six pack of beer.

Shoot Many Robots
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Storyline aside, it's easy to identify with the action formula of Shoot Many Robots. Between platform leaps and being short on rest breaks for the trigger finger, the game is more Metal Slug than Contra.

What weapons Walter brings with him is up to the player, load-outs based and bought on accumulation of in-game currency - which also can be funnelled into outlandish outfits for your character. Its a quick and easy system that lets you slide into your personal favourites: we find ourselves lumping for a rare and brutal assault rifle, when we're usually call shotgun.

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The design philosophy has been something along the lines of "too many enemies are better than too few", leaving the end kill count come the completion to be numbering in the hundreds. Yet its typically the heavy-duty onslaught that fans thrive on, dodging a volley of shots and returning fire, double-jumping for brief respite before diving into the enemy and the next wave of bullets. Especially fun with another soul joining you - local co-op for two, four for online.

Shoot Many Robots

The game's got a decent variety of stages, some specially adapted for those of the masochistic mindset. One downside is that the variation is limited. Enemies, bosses and environments are reused too often to make the experience completely entertaining.

And while both music and visuals are somewhat monotonous and dulled, Shoot Many Robots is a successful take on a proven concept - it just needed a little more humour, warmth and stand-out moments to really shine.

07 Gamereactor UK
7 / 10
+ Lots of weapons, + Great action + Good co-op
- Lack of variation.
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