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Immortal Redneck

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"It's incredibly moreish, definitely one of those games that'll make you go 'just one more try'."

Text: Sam Bishop

Expeditions: Viking


"At the end of the day, it's a difficult thing to score such an interesting title when the bugs are so vicious."

Text: Anders C. Fischer

Syberia 3


"We think a lot of fans will enjoy this third game in the series, that is if they can ignore its dated presentation."

Text: Lisa Dahlgren

Late Shift

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"Just offering choice and the use of a controller doesn't necessarily make it a game. Despite this conundrum, it's still worth a look."

Text: Fabrizia Malgieri

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Nintendo Switch

"Two of the world's best puzzle games have been combined to create something even better."

Text: Jonas Mäki

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom


"If this so happens to be the first step towards a longer adventure, we can only imagine what they'll be able to achieve in potential sequels."

Text: Anders Baad Mai

Watch Dogs 2 - No Compromise DLC

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"While we enjoyed this final piece of Season Pass DLC, ultimately we wish there had been a bit more personality added to some of the story missions."

Text: Anders Baad Mai & Sam Bishop

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3


"While it's solid enough, it could definitely do with some more original ideas and a few neat touches."

Text: Leevi Rantala

Outlast 2

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"Outlast 2 works to augment the experience of its acclaimed predecessor, delivering a much larger and diverse open world..."

Text: Kieran Harris

Starblood Arena


"Starblood Arena is a well-crafted multiplayer experience overall though, and a worthy addition to your VR library."

Text: Ossi Mykkänen

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

iOS / PC

"The tactical options available to you should ensure that people pick up and play the game, even if they're in the door purely for The Elder Scrolls name alone."

Text: Ford James

Little Nightmares


"If you're looking for a dark and troubled adventure to submerge yourself in for an evening or two, then Little Nightmares delivers."

Text: Bengt Lemne

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Nintendo Switch

"It's a near-perfect package that offers something for all ages to enjoy, with lashings of content to keep players coming back again and again."

Text: Mike Holmes

Mr Shifty

Nintendo Switch

"It won't take you very long to get to grips with the control system, and the core mechanic is simply and elegantly implemented."

Text: Mike Holmes

Drawn to Death


"Despite depth in terms of customisation, the gameplay feels very bare and lacking, and no amount of skins, weapons, and taunts can change that."

Text: Sam Bishop

Sublevel Zero Redux

Linux / Mac / PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"There's not enough context surrounding the core gameplay loop, and there's not enough meat on the bone to justify coming back for more."

Text: Jonathan Sørensen

Blackwood Crossing

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"It's a very interesting title, and it shows some exceptional qualities, but this should be seen as a starting point to build upon."

Text: Fabrizia Malgieri

Stellaris: Utopia

Linux / Mac / PC

"With Utopia the game has taken another step towards total galactic domination."

Text: Mike Holmes


Mac / PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"There's fun to be had with Trove, even if this is a game best enjoyed in small doses."

Text: Graham Bellars

Beat Cop

Linux / Mac / PC

"Don't let the game's presentation fool you, there's a lot to get into under the pixelated surface."

Text: Andreas Blom

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