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Weird Al's presentation

bacon <3

Member since:2006-10-14
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  • Written by: 13brevkasse
    2011-06-02 10:28
    Tillykke med fødselsdagen.

    Vi har flot vejr så du har åbenbart været artig
    i et HELT år

    Hip hurra det din fødselsdag
  • Written by: The Pez Dispenser
    2010-06-04 20:40
    Halvejs igennem The bone machine, og tror klart det er det bedste Waits jeg har hørt

    Det er awesome!

    Tillagt 2010-06-04 22:20:
    For pokker, troede det var senere
    dem gik jeg glip af så, var det fedt?
  • Written by: MrFregerslev
    2010-04-14 21:28
    men genial film, synes du ikke?? (Jim Jarmusch er min favorit instruktør)
  • Written by: MrFregerslev
    2010-04-06 18:27
    engang og engang.. jo det var mig, men det er kun 3 dage siden jeg skiftede til det billede jeg har nu ;)
  • Written by: spragg
    2010-02-21 22:29
    ok heh
  • Written by: spragg
    2010-02-21 21:22
  • Written by: Svendheste
    2010-01-28 09:46
    Ja for fanden!!! De er sgu de eneste rigtige.
  • Written by: spragg
    2010-01-26 17:59
    du vist en mand af få ord, heh

    her tænker jeg så på din præsentation heh

    Tillagt 2010-01-26 19:13:
    hey man FUUUUUUUUUUU
  • Written by: Belial
    2010-01-21 22:35
    ok. Farvel.
  • Written by: MrFregerslev
    2009-11-01 18:07
  • Written by: MrFregerslev
    2009-11-01 15:31
    very much so ..Disintegration <3
  • Written by: ChickenBone
    2009-10-24 08:59
    HéèY zSötHè kIqGÉdê... ZsKrîVE?,.. ZSmïLéR i; <'333
  • Written by: ChickenBone
    2009-10-15 18:12
    kig ged' l'
  • Written by: ChickenBone
    2009-09-06 12:52
    Så er det delt op.
  • Written by: Fox-Mulder
    2009-08-29 08:58
    Hvorfor er jeg det ?
  • Written by: the salkin
    2009-08-23 12:02
    Hvad så?
  • Written by: Grandur
    2009-07-28 20:33
    Sup Religanon'
  • Written by: Belial
    2009-07-18 14:25
  • Written by: Sturmgeist
    2009-07-13 22:25
  • Written by: What-Da-Flux
    2009-07-01 19:15
  • Written by: Big-Boss
    2009-06-29 20:14

  • Written by: ChickenBone
    2009-06-22 18:21
  • Written by: Belial
    2009-06-22 09:47
  • Written by: ChickenBone
    2009-06-14 21:04
  • Written by: RedForman
    2009-06-03 20:19
    I want Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam and spam
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