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Is The Unfinished Swan the next Journey or Flower? It's hard to tell at this stage, but indie developer Giant Sparrow could be onto something big.

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Picture yourself in a labyrinth where all walls, the floor and the ceiling are white, and it's impossible to make out the space of the corridor in front of you. Imagine the same scenario with the labyrinth filled with mysterious crates and objects that are also completely white. You're blind, and sound is, all of a sudden, your most important point of reference. That frog makes a sound when you approach, and even if you can't see the beach you can hear the waves coming in, and your feet touching the sand. To aid you in this white world you have a bucket of black paint to spill on the environment to help you identify walls, park benches, little animals and the road ahead.

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It's the simple yet interesting concept that makes up the core of the experience in The Unfinished Swan. What started out as a student project with Giant Sparrow a few years back, is now an ambitious PSN title with backing from Sony and SCE Santa Monica Studio.

The Unfinished Swan

You're playing as the young boy Monroe who follows a majestic swan into his late mother's unfinished painting. The canvas starts out all white, and it's up to the players to use paint to follow the tracks of the swan into the next painting. This mechanic could surely have been the foundation of some clever puzzles, but The Unfinished Swan is more about exploration and progressing forward. And even if Monroe will be able to fail on his mission, there is no hint of a combat system.

In a game world where literally anything could be hidden in front of you, there is plenty of opportunity to surprise the player, and this is something Giant Sparrow assure us there will be lots of even if they are unwilling to share any details at this stage.

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