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The Sims 4

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Dark Souls

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    • Clover
    • Written by Clover the 23rd of November 2015 at 16:07
    • Pokémon revival

    • To say I was excited upon hearing Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow would get revived for the Nintendo 3DS would be an understatement.
    • Gillen McAllister
    • Written by Gillen McAllister the 28th of August 2015 at 16:24
    • The Last & Greatest

    • So in a few minutes I'll be signing out of Gamereactor for the last time, as today marks my last heading up the UK as its Editor in Chief. After 5 years of hammering the place into shape, as well as launching and running the print magazine, it's time for me to try something new (real reason: I've got to make some headway with my video game backlog. I've still to play Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Metroid Prime... the list goes on).
    • Patrikseve
    • Written by Patrikseve the 15th of June 2015 at 02:16
    • Any dreams for E3 this year?

    • It has been a good year so far in terms of games, and announcements. At E3 starting soon we will get a ton of new games most likely and those that have leaked or announced beforehand. I myself have some hopes to see a few games. This small list is for a few games that arent announced yet to be there, and most likely wont with a few exceptions that might or will show up in some form. I have tried to exclude anything confirmed already like Fallout 4 among others.
    • EsbenKongOrange
    • Written by EsbenKongOrange the 15th of April 2015 at 14:28
    • Fight between gamejourno and indie developer

    • Heartbeats is a new puzzler from Danish Developer Kong Orange. It got quite a beating in the Danish branch article about mobile games from Gamereactor Denmark EiC, Lee West. He called it "an artsyfartsy mess" that had an array of unintuitive puzzles and did not recommend it. None the less Heartbeats has been quite well received from fans and among other things it was featured in games of the month in Time Magazine and Best New Games in the US App Store.
    • Stiffenjohnson
    • Written by Stiffenjohnson the 14th of April 2015 at 08:38
    • Legend Bob Marley

    • Right now Im sitting here infront of the computer and listening to the ol' legend Bob Marley. I´m pretty sure that most of you guys (And girls) know who he´s, but for you that has been living under a cave for some years Bob Marley is a rasta-god.
    • Lee West
    • Written by Lee West the 6th of February 2015 at 15:14
    • The fast, the furious and the zombies

    • I honestly wasn't expecting much on this newly released freemium title, and in a way that is what I am getting: Not much. But what there is, I am truly enjoying.


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