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Dead Island debug on Steam?

Did Techland upload the wrong version?

It seems there may be one or two problems with the Steam release of Dead Island as people who have pre-loaded the title report that there are files in the release that really shouldn't be there. Files used for debugging and for testers, and apparently you can also use a "noclip" mode that normally would allow developers to fly through the game in order to bug test certain areas. The consequences of releasing these files to the public are not clear at this point, but it does open up possibilities of reverse engineering and for hackers to go to town on the game in a manner they otherwise would not be able to.

There is currently no official word from Techland or the publisher Deep Silver as this may be an unintentional mistake of uploading a debug version or it may just be a sloppy release. Regardless, the fallout of this will be interesting.

Dead Island
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