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12 Your Shape expansions coming

Lots of downloadable fitness packs

Ubisoft have had some success with Your Shape: Fitness Evolved for Xbox 360 and Kinect and have now announced that 12 download packs are on the way for the game.

First up in December are two packs entitled Body Toning Program and Cardio Boxing Platinum, that offer more advanced basic training. Shortly thereafter, Ubisoft will release New Year New You and Dance Work Bollywood. The first one as the name implies is designed to whip you into shape after the holidays, while the second lets you dance into shape with Bollywood inspired moves.

Ubisoft have yet to announce the price for these DLC packs, but there will be options of buying them separately or in bundles.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
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Your Shape: Fitness EvolvedYour Shape: Fitness EvolvedYour Shape: Fitness Evolved
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