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Landit Bandit coming to PS3

Penguins and Cannibals on PSN!

Swedish indie developers The Bearded Ladies have revealed their first commercial title - Landit Bandit - that is to be published by Sony on Playstation Network towards the end of May.

Landit Bandit

The game is described as an "adventurous 3D platforming game with a retro feel to it". It starts out when the bearded hero finds the blueprint to Leonardo da Vinci's helicopter... and presumably things take off from there. As you can see from the artwork there is going to be both cannibals and a gang of penguin mobsters involved... and a somewhat obese chef.

Landit Bandit
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The Bearded Ladies are based in Trollhättan, a Swedish town hit hard by the demise of the Swedish automotive industry, and they have previously work on driving simulation and visualisation used by Saab. Now their work have taken a sharp turn towards entertainment, and getting a publishing deal with Sony is a giant step in the right direction.

Landit BanditLandit BanditLandit Bandit
Landit BanditLandit BanditLandit BanditLandit Bandit
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