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The Secret World artwork

Characters, tentacle ladies, environments

Yesterday was the big gameplay reveal of The Secret World from Funcom and today we offer up a bunch of fresh artwork as well. Plenty to feast you eyes on below...

The Secret World
This one is simply called "Agartha entrance". Come on in...
The Secret World
A bit of Kingsmouth scenario with the lighthouse and a hint at what's wrong with the small Maine town (in the lower right corner)...
The Secret World
Kingsmouth's police station is where some of the last surviviors have taken refuge.
The Secret WorldThe Secret WorldThe Secret World
The file names are as follows; CDC, Che, and Corporate Uniform (what kind of name is that?).
The Secret WorldThe Secret WorldThe Secret World
Cowgirl outfit (I think Mårtensson has dibbs on this one), Frank (nice slippers) and Montag.
The Secret World
One of the first mini bosses you will encounter in Kingsmouth. Apparently the residents of Kingsmouth went wild for lobsters and now he's there to take care of business (just kidding).
The Secret World
This is wrong on so many levels yet strangely attractive.
The Secret World
Jack O'Lantern. Love him, he's Irish!
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