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No Dead Island 2 in sight

Deep Silver denies sequel.

It would seem that we're in for a bit of a wait for Dead Island 2 if representatives for publisher Deep Silver are to be believed.

CVG reports that the publisher denies that a sequel is in development and that they also deny any involvement with the Yager Development (Spec Ops: The Line) who have been rumoured as the developer of the new game.

"We are neither working with Yager on Dead Island 2 nor do we have any contractual agreement with Yager about any project at this point," said Deep Silver development director Guido Eickmeyer told CVG.

"Yager and Deep Silver do have a very close relationship, based on personal and professional connections between the parties. There is a legitimate chance that we will - at some point - work together on a title - and I would not even exclude the possibility that this could be something within the Dead Island franchise."

So, basically he's denying to tease it in the next sentence. Hmm...

Dead Island
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