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Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview
Bengt has been looking at the promising MMORPG coming from Bioware. Take a look to get a glimpse of what to expect.
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  • Written by: Molbani
    2010-08-22 10:54
    AoC has like 200 k subscribers, it runs like crap on less computer which makes the experince lack luster, espaciually in larger PvP battles.Im so glad bioware made the graphics more arsy like in WoW which make it run better and lok better on lower end system an in the long run will give them more subs if their gameplay is good enough larger community >>>>>>>>>> good graphics in an MMO.
  • Written by: PopeAndy
    2010-04-19 09:42
    Yeah I agree the graphics are lacking in this game compared to many others out there. But good graphics alone don't make a great game. But I do hope the other aspects of the game are good enough to make people look past that.

    I think a starwars MMO was a safe bet for Bioware as it has a huge fan base already and is well established. I do enjoy starwars games and have played KOTR but I think I would have honestly preferred a Mass Effect MMO. The graphics and combat so far remind me a lot of KOTR. But I do see many standard MMO elements in the game so far it doesn't look like too much innovative things going on at least from gameplay footage.

    Good video preview though I am interested to learn more about this game as I do believe it has great potential for success and my guess is it will indeed be a successful MMO game.