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Revelation Online players are greedy, their want more coins, more power

Written by GroovyJ the 16th of March 2017 at 03:18
This post is tagged as: MMO Games

I've seen this stuff in a lot of MMO's that are now shut down or have a very low playerbase. The premium currency was relatively okay, 150-300:1 ratio, whales kept pricing up and up and up to the point it reached nearly 1000:1, in some games it went to 1500:1.

Guess what happened? The majority of the F2P playerbase has quit playing because no one has the time to grind absurd amounts just to be able to get something decent. This is not a matter of if will it get absurd, it's a matter of WHEN will it get absurd. It happens in every MMO because whales are always greedy, and F2P players don't want to or just outright don't have the time to grind so much nor do they want to spend money on a game.

Before you tell me to get perspective, you should get some first. F2P players need whales, and the whales need F2P players. Premium currency sells for too low, whales get upset and leave even though they make a lot of money as it they raise the prices. Prices get too high, F2P players leave because it's now impossible to get premium currency without devoting your soul to the game.

The funny thing is, in every MMO whales call F2P players greedy for not wanting over inflated prices to the point they have to grind absurd amounts in order to be able to afford the purely autistic demands of whales. And in every MMO i've seen that happen, F2P players bailed, whales had no one to sell to because all the F2P players bailed due to their absurd demands so they were stuck having to grind.

Seeing as how in my server the price went from 120 to 150 to now 190 in a span of 3 days, it is highly likely the same thing will happen here. F2P users will no longer be able to afford aurum without grinding absurd amounts for imperial coins. When that happens i will be the first to uninstall. I really am tired of having to grind for weeks just to meet the monetary demands for an item from an autist across the world that feels like pushing F2P players out of "his" game.

I am already getting sick and tired of farming imperial coins to get what i want just to see that at the end of the day, all i grinded is irrelevant because the price just went up again. And R4PG Internet Game Exchange always support me with their low price Revelation Online Imperial Coins, they help me to beat other guys and grow rapidly in the game.