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FIFA 18 will be released soon

Written by FIFA18coins the 13th of February 2017 at 11:47
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In terms of the top games, FIFA 17 is really hot around the world. North America, Europe, Asia and other places, players are enthusiastic about the world famous video game. Since EA sport made a great success on this FIFA 17, it is silently preparing the next BIG game FIFA 18. Players gathered round, curious to know when FIFA 18 will be released.

In previous experience, FIFA 18 released date should be in Sep 2017. But the exact release date has yet to be determined. Players are looking forward to the Big game's come in 2017. There is no doubt that FIFA 18 will be improved a lot to meet most players' requirement. We have to admit that FIFA 17 has some drawbacks. Some players are disappointed to see  the animations in FIFA 17 is not as good as it should be. One of EA Officials who did not wish to be named disclosed that EA has devoted the time and energy to try to work through any issues that may exist in animations on FIFA 18. Hopefully, we players will see something different in FIFA 18 about animations.

And beyond animations, there are some rumors on game controllers. EA sports decides to make a touchscreen to PC. Its not saying t hat this change can make FIFA 18 funny. However, more changes means EA sports want to satisfy more players. This means EA sports focuses on the best user experience. Lets wait and see whether this change could lead a video game trend.FIFA 18 coins

FIFA stands out among the sports games. The reasons for this is various. There are two important reasons. EA sports cooperates with FIFA and they have a great  concept of sports game: you will have authentic and deeper playing experience as if you are playing football playground.
FIFA 18 coins
FIFA players are still enthusiastic on FIFA 17. They are always discussion everything about this game. Which is the best valuable football players, how to build up a strong team, how to make some FIFA 17 coins on the transfer market.
With FIFA 18 nearing release, players' passions will be flared again. Couldn't wait for it? Please visit our site to know more.