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Games on GOG

With the recent 50% discount I had no second thoughts adding The Witcher Enhanced Edition to my cart and paying only €3,80 for a nothing less than great RPG-experience. Did you miss the offer?

Well keep your eyes open, GOG comes up with great discounts on a weekly basis. Here's 3 games you should check out when the price gets right.

3. Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga

With the Enhanced Edition waiting somewhere in a not so distant future this is an odd choice, I admit that. Nonetheless Baldur's Gate is (IMO) the title that proved that the PC as a gaming platform could provide the gamers with a "deep", yet very classic, fantasy storyline that could be enjoyed by RPG "nerds" as well as casual gamers. The graphics are beautiful, colorful and successfully painting a picture of a fantasy world... and as you may guess, it was originally released in 1999, a bit pixilated. It has no quick time events and is not as fast paced as the RPG's of today, but it's still worth to pay the Sword Coast a visit.

2. Heroes of Might & Magic 3: Complete Edition

If you thought Baldur's Gate is a slow gaming experience then you better brace yourself, now we're talking slow gaming. Heroes is a turn based strategy game. You need to build a solid base, expand your kingdom, gather resources and be ready to fight your enemies. There's a lot of thinking to be done in every turn, and you have to think ahead. It's actually pure fun. Well it's pure sitting down, drink a hot cup of coffee (make that 10) and enjoy a bowl of snacks fun. Every scenario takes a lot of time to complete, but it's actually not the success of completing and raising your hands celebrating your victory that's the fun part. No. It's actually you getting there. Successfully expanding your kingdom, having foreseen your enemies move and see your stocks growing and growing, that's the fun part... and as I told you, it's slow gaming. I love the graphics btw. It's not HD that's for sure, but it looks so good even today in 2012.

1. Dungeon Keeper

"Evil is good", you bet it is. One of my all time favorites for the PC is without a doubt Dungeon Keeper. Let's put things straight. The graphics are not impressing, to say it in a decent way the graphics has got that 1997 feel with great big pixels and stuff. As stated Dungeon Keeper should not be judged by its cover, but by the fun RTS it is. The gameplay is definitely good and close to perfection. Everything just works. Besides that kind of fun, the game has a great sense of humor. A truly recommendable game in which you're the bad guy and all the knights in their shiny armors needs to be chopped to bits. If you're having trouble accepting the dated graphics, you could check out the sequel called (surprise surprise) Dungeon Keeper 2. Dungeon Keeper 2 has full 3D but lacks some of the charm that its predecessor has got loads and loads of.